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Companies who care – about their products, their customers and their success – choose UL, because we care about those things, too. Our most successful clients know that we all benefit from safe products that perform well.

We care about your success

UL wants you to benefit from a successful product launch. So we take the time to work closely with you, from design concept to finished release. A big part of our job is listening: to you, and to developments in the market, the industry and the technology.

The other part is delivering, and more than 55 state-of-the-art UL labs around the world provide you with round-the-clock global assistance. In addition, our engineers offer a comprehensive range of services that are recognized by regulatory agencies worldwide.


We care about your product

  • We place excellent engineering at the heart of everything we do
  • We recruit, develop and retain only the best engineers
  • We are dedicated to the advantages of safe products that perform as intended: to your company, to the public, and to technological advancement itself
  • We are truly global, and are there for you on every continent
  • We deliver service well beyond testing to get your product to market on time
  • We are the natural choice for companies – like yours – who care about their brand and product quality


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We care about you…

… with better engineers, who are committed to finding solutions that take your individual needs and goals into account, and increase the value, acceptance and marketability of your products worldwide.

… with better advice, that identifies and addresses potential issues early in the process of product development, thus reducing the risk of encountering expensive, time-consuming and embarrassing problems later.

… with better project planning, that gets your products to market on time and according to schedule with the least fuss, the lowest cost possible and with the greatest chance for success.

Good engineers understand compliance-testing...

...excellent engineers can also communicate effectively, keeping you on schedule and up to date
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