India Compulsory Registration Scheme Update

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India Compulsory Registration Scheme Update

There are many happenings in the world of the India CRS recently. There are the impending dates of May 13th, May 31st and August 13th. These deadlines are fast approaching.

As you may be aware, India’s DeitY (Department of Electronic and Information Technology) expanded the scope of the mandatory items to be registered late last year that included many popular items such as Power Adaptors, Mobile Phones, Point of Sale Terminals, Card Readers, Battery Packs and Cells. With the exception of the Battery Packs and Cells, all other products being imported or manufactured for sale in India will be required to be registered by May 13th. Battery packs and cells are required to be registered by August 13th.

There have been many things learned from the recent update. An important thing to mention is that it does not make a difference whether the power adaptors or battery packs/cells are for use with IT equipment, Audio Video equipment or any other product. There is no limitation here with respect to the end product. When a product such as a power adaptor or battery pack covered under the India CRS is seen by customs, it will be flagged as requiring the registration. This includes power adaptors and battery packs for products that could be for Medical Use, Industrial Use, or having nothing to do with IT or AV products, etc.

Another item that has been clarified is what is considered a power adaptor in the eyes of DeitY and BIS. The delineation has been made to note that the power adaptor category for registration will include power supplies such as Direct Plug In Units and ‘brick’ in the cord type along with battery chargers where the AC to DC conversion is done within the charger itself. This covers quite a wide swath of products and can affect many battery chargers that were not anticipated as being covered under the scope!

The May 31st deadline is important as well for current registered products. This is the deadline manufacturers have for submitting the update to the IS 13252+A1 standard. This basically corresponds to an update of the requirements from IEC 60950-1, 2nd edition to IEC 60950-1, 2nd edition +A1. The same changes in requirements apply. One of the biggest changes here is the addition of the rack mount requirements in Annex DD which will require testing. It is very important to have the current registrations updated as soon as possible before this deadline so the registration is not cancelled.

The other recent change is that DeitY has given an extension for the requirement of power plugs to be IS 1293 certified until August 13, 2015.

Basically, the requirement came into effect before manufacturers were able to react. Due to this, an extension has now been granted with a few stipulations:
– It is allowed to use the EN or other international standard certified plug in the critical components list for reports up until August 13, 2015.
– After August 13, 2015, the plug details shall be given as part of the report and the dimensions of the plug should be per IS 1293:2005.

It has been noted that reports that were held in BIS review due to this issue will be released and finalized. Also noted that even though there is the extension, it is always suggested to use an IS 1293 certified plug wherever possible. After the 13th of August, registered manufacturers who have not complied with the IS1293 dimension and configuration requirements for plug pins shall have their reports updated by a BIS recognized lab to establish compliance before the 15th of September 2015. Failure to do so will result in action being taken against the manufacturer as per the BIS Act/ Regulations/ Rules.

In addition, the power supply cord should be certified to IS 694. Manufacturers who already meet this requirement should not have an issue going forward as these are the official power plug and power cord requirements for India. Whereas, IEC, SABS or EN certification has been allowed in the past, it is always best to use products that are certified for their country of use.

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