Interoperability & Usability Testing (NAC service)

//Interoperability & Usability Testing (NAC service)
Interoperability & Usability Testing (NAC service) 2017-12-22T00:04:37+00:00

Interoperability testing that guarantees your products perform

Our interoperability testing helps customers worldwide to guarantee their products connect to the other devices and offer the functionality they’re supposed to.

By testing for interoperability as well as compliance, UL can save you significant amounts of time and money in addition to protecting your brand’s reputation.

  • Global Reach – testing and certification in all country markets
  • Real world testing – test products as they will be used on the open market
  • Tailored Testing Solutions – years of experience in creating bespoke test plans
  • One-Stop Service – the complete range of all-in-one testing solutions

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Why is interoperability testing important?

As systems and devices become ever more complex, it becomes increasingly difficult to ensure your product will avoid any issues after launch. Budget and manpower make it unrealistic for manufacturers to identify every potential issue – the number of possible different connections and applications between devices is simply too vast. Specialist interoperability testing changes that.

Complete all-in-one service

Our interoperability testing is just one element of a complete ‘one-stop service’ that guides you through every step of the conformance and certification process. So you can rely on UL to ensure that your product not only works perfectly with all other relevant devices, but also conforms to all appropriate standards.

  • Pre-compliance
  • Advisory services
  • Interoperability
  • Regulatory and Bluetooth® qualification testing
  • Bluetooth® SMART, Bluetooth® SMART READY and classic Bluetooth® logos

Real-world testing

UL offers years of experience in creating bespoke test plans, providing the peace of mind that your product stands the highest chance of working with the widest range of devices. We test products as they will be used on the open market, rather than restricting the process to a limited number of test specifications in a lab.

Global presence, local support

Our global presence lets us deliver local expertise in the local language across your target markets. And with our Global Market Access program, you can seamlessly combine your telecoms and radio testing with other UL services —including product safety certification for the UL Mark.

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