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Supporting the success and safety of printed wiring boards

UL is one of the most recognized and trusted certification marks for consumer technology. For more than 50 years, UL has been advancing safety science in support of printed wiring boards (PWBs) conformance assessments, now also covering extensive performance testing options which can help enhance your products’ reputation for reliability.

Explore UL’s Range of PWB Testing Services

View UL’s list of commonly requested tests, such as Advanced Analytical Techniques, Chemical Testing, Electrical Testing, Environmental Testing, Flammability Testing, Mechanical & Physical Property Testing and Conformal Coating & Solder Masks.

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How we can help your business with PWB Testing?

UL offers a full range of testing and certification services to UL Standards and many other International, National and Regional requirements; including ASTM, IPC and IEC. Contact us today and find out ho we can help you with your PWB testing requirement.

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UL offers a full range of PWB testing and certification

Pre-certification services

Paving the way for future compliance

UL’s pre-certification reviews are designed to shorten the path to certification. Through an advanced technical consultation with a UL engineer, we’ll help make sure you fully understand the sample requirements and test program ahead of time, thus avoiding potential costly delays. Pre-certification reviews are also eligible for a 100% credit toward certification costs.

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Safety Testing & Certification

Setting the benchmark

UL is the only organization that issues PWB safety standards. Make use of our technical expertise in safety testing and certification services to achieve regulatory compliance as well as communicate to customers that your product has been tested to the benchmark of product safety. UL’s extensive relationships across the entire printed wiring board supply chain have manufacturers turning to us when they are looking for reliable components from trustworthy sources. Your customers will also value how UL assists them to eliminate duplicate testing of the finished end products when they contain UL Recognized components.

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Quick-Turn Certification for Rush Orders

UL also offers Quick-Turn Certification of production boards to UL 796 & UL 796F. This service allows for faster time to market by testing actual production boards instead of requiring specialized samples which first need to be created. The service is limited to the tested build of materials, construction stack-up, and trace layout.

Performance & Reliability Testing

Empowering the PWB industry

Advances in today’s electronic applications depend upon sophisticated PWB technology. If it doesn’t work, the whole product will be compromised. Increase your customers’ confidence by demonstrating the PWB is not only compliant to regulatory safety requirements but also tested to perform reliably. Our performance testing and certification programs apply to a comprehensive range of PWB components and materials. Every program can be customized to match the PWB application and meet your business needs.

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Interconnect Stress Testing (IST) speeds up temperature cycling to detect susceptibility to early failure, and thereby increases product reliability. It is twelve times faster than in an air-to-air thermal oven, creating the opportunity for greater testing output.
Signal Integrity Testing (SIT) determines the amount of signal propagation caused by the characteristics of the materials, conductors and accompanying structures on the PWB. Losses in the signal will result in frequency-dependent attenuation. UL performs five methods* of SIT testing, such as the particularly beneficial Single-ended TDR method and Differential Insertion Loss (SET2DIL).
Conductive anodic filament failure involves the growth or “electro-chemical-migration” of copper in a PWB. This unintentional growth typically bridges two oppositely biased copper conductors resulting in a short circuit. Catching and correcting this potential failure can substantially lengthen product lifespans.

Conformal coatings are applied to electronic circuits to provide a barrier to moisture and contamination and to provide electrical insulation. UL offers a full suite of coating testing services, including:

  • UL 746E evaluations
  • IPC-CC-830: Qualification and performance testing of electrical insulating compounds for printed wiring assemblies
  • IPC-SM-840: Qualification and performance specification of permanent solder mask and flexible cover materials
  • IEC-60664-3: Insulation coordination for equipment within low-voltage systems, via the use of coatings to achieve insulation coordination of printed board performance & assemblies

Overview of Safety, Perfomance & Reliability Testing

Explore UL’s range of testing services. The following list includes commonly requested tests, such as Advanced Analytical Techniques, Chemical Testing, Electrical Testing, Environmental Testing, Flammability Testing, Mechanical & Physical Property Testing. We also perform many other tests that are not listed. Please contact us about custom testing and designing a test plan to fit your unique needs.

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The UL Difference

  • Driven by purpose – Our sole purpose is to help ensure products are safe and compliant in order to help you get your product to market on time with minimal complications.
  • Dedicated engineers – We attract and hire expert safety and compliance engineers who are committed to understanding your products and guiding you through the entire process.
  • Trusted advice – We offer practical advice and support to help ensure you get the test result you need to launch on time. This includes regulatory
    updates, specialist consultancy support, and a preliminary examination of your product to highlight any issues that may result in a test fail.
  • Effective planning – We are a single business who manages your project and gives you access to our comprehensive resources and facilities throughout the world. Our project kick-off sessions create a plan for your product launch and the project planning portal helps you stay up to date.

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