UL Standards for PWBs

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UL Recognized = Enhanced Market Acceptance

PWB components and materials that are recognized by UL are known to have undergone the industry’s most stringent safety testing and follow-up program. UL Recognized Components are listed in UL’s Online Certifications Directory www.ul.com/database and the UL iQ™ database iq.ul.com/pwb. This allows your customers to search and identify the components and materials they need to complete their subassemblies or end products.

UL Standards for PWBs

For UL recognition of PWB safety, the following standards apply:

  • UL 796 Printed Wiring Boards – for standard rigid, metal-based and HDI PWBs
  • UL 796F Flexible Materials Interconnect Constructions – for flexible and flex-rigid PWBs
  • UL 746E Polymeric Materials – for industrial laminates and materials used in PWBs
  • UL 746F Polymeric Materials – for flexible dielectric film materials
  • UL 94 – for flammability of plastic materials

UL Standards related to PWBs

Certification is driven by end-product requirements. The actual PWB ratings required are dependent on the end-product application and how the PWB will be employed. Always check with the end-product manufacturer to determine what ratings they require. Many end-product standards, such as the following, require UL Recognized PWBs:

  • UL 60950 – Information Technology Equipment
  • UL 60065 – Audio & Video Equipment
  • UL 62368 – ITE and Audio/Video Equipment
  • UL 60601 – Medical Equipment
  • UL 60335 – Appliances
  • UL 61010 – Industrial Control Equipment
  • UL 8750 – LED Equipment

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