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Make your mark with UL Safety Certification

UL certification is a universally recognized symbol of trust and confidence, demonstrating a company’s commitment to safety and customer satisfaction worldwide.

As the only organization authorized to issue the UL Safety Mark, we award it to more than 20 billion products each year.

  • Global Reach – worldwide network of technical experts and local customer service
  • Widely recognized – UL’s brand reputation is recognized and accepted in many world markets
  • Proven Efficiency – faster time-to-market through proven global programs
  • Added Value – increase the trust in your product and the value of your brand

Find out how UL Certification and Safety Testing can help your business

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Why is Safety Testing important?

Evaluating your product to relevant safety testing requirements/standards reduces the risk of damage or injury to the end user due to the following: electric shock, energy related hazards, fire hazards, heat related hazards, mechanical hazards, radiation and chemical hazards. Businesses, consumers and regulatory authorities around the world know and trust UL’s safety certifications. So by displaying the UL Mark, you show that your product has been tested and proven to fully comply with applicable standards required for its end application.

Worldwide Accreditation

UL’s qualified test facilities around the world provide a local service in your preferred time zone and language. The expertise of our technical teams – as well as the reliability of their certifications and test reports – are recognized by numerous national and international regulatory bodies. And our integrated test plans assess products against the requirements of multiple countries concurrently, as well as to our own Standards for Safety.

Product differentiation

In a competitive marketplace, differentiation is key to building a strong and trusted brand.
UL Marks add value and help you sharpen your competitive edge by separating your company and products from those who have not invested in the highest levels of safety. By leveraging our unrivaled end-to-end expertise, you can ensure your products stand out in global markets.

Global presence, local service

The UL Mark unites more than 65,000 manufacturers who come to UL for a full range of product certification services.

  • The UL Listing Mark: shows your product continues to meet UL’s own published standards for safety
  • The Recognized Component Mark: used for components that are part of a larger product or system e.g. switches, power supplies, printed wiring boards
  • The UL Classification Mark: appears on samples of products that UL has evaluated for a specific use e.g building materials, industrial equipment, immersion suits, fire doors
  • The UL Functional Safety Mark: normally restricted to products intended to be used in a functional safety role
  • Field Evaluations: applies to a product that is thoroughly evaluated in the field instead of at UL’s laboratories or the manufacturer’s facilities

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