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Powering Progress in the Wireless Charging Testing World

Working in close collaboration with the industry, UL is spearheading the development of wireless charging testing technologies.

As an established leader in this pioneering sector, trust us to verify that your wireless charging products are compliant, reliable and compatible for every target market.

  • Worldwide Accreditation – testing to the major industry standard organizations
  • Complete Service and Certification – serving as a single source for the wireless industry’s business needs
  • Industry Leading – active members of WPC and PMA standards development committees
  • Pioneering Expertise – full understanding of all relevant requirements in an emerging market

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Why is wireless charging testing important?

The world is on the move. Consumers expect ever more convenient options for powering their mobile devices. So wireless charging capabilities are fast becoming a key product differentiator. Yet wireless charging is still an emerging technology with complex to understand requirements and industry standards. And that’s where UL can help.

Expert support, from conception to compliance

Our pre-certification testing reviews and evaluates devices from the earliest stage of development to final production.

  • Identify non-conformance issues earlier, reducing redesign costs and increasing speed to market
  • Troubleshoot technology
  • Develop customised testing strategies
  • Guide you through industry requirements
  • Provide expert training, research and regulatory support

Maximising compliance

UL provides accredited wireless charging testing services for the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), Power Matters Alliance (PMA) . As Lead Test Lab for the PMA, we are also accredited for certification testing in the U.S. and Taiwan. And the merger of the PMA and A4WP as AirFuel Alliance will leverage our accreditation to cover innovative Rezence technology.

Leading the way

UL continues to establish standards that further advance wireless charging safety and performance. We are active members of the standards development committees for WPC and the PMA. We developed and published the standard UL 2738 for inductive coupling technology. And we conduct custom research into wireless power to improve our understanding of both the technology and the user experience.

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