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//Wearable Technology Products White Paper
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Project Description

The Path to Certification and International Market Approval


Wearable technologies have come a long way since the fictional two-way wristwatch radios depicted in comic strips in the 1940s. Today, wearable technology products include watches that can access data wirelessly from a smart phone and wristbands that can track fitness activities or monitor critical health indicators. Digital eyeglasses now on the market provide users with Internet search information on the fly or take pictures, all without having to resort to separate handheld devices. And, industrial applications of wearable technologies are helping to keep people safe in potentially dangerous work environments.

About UL White Papers

This white paper summarizes the evaluation and testing requirements and considerations applicable to wearable technology products. The paper begins with an overview of the various applications for wearable technologies, along with future economic estimates for the global wearable technology marketplace. Then, the paper discusses the various safety and performance considerations applicable to wearable technology products, the potential risks they pose to users, and the key areas of testing generally required for market access. The white paper concludes with recommendations for manufacturers on achieving compliance for their wearable technology products.

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