The Challenge facing the Internet of Things

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The Challenge facing the Internet of Things

The expression “Internet of Things” or “IoT” has been around for about 16 years now but it is fair to say that it has evolved from precedents such as M2M. Traditionally it was tangible devices (or machines) that sprung to mind when talking about the IoT – but the IoT is much much more than that.

Through the ease of availability of internet connection and the innovation of some great designers much more things are being connected than ever before; physical objects, sensors, people, data opening up a world which would have seem unimaginable even 10 years ago. This is why perhaps that the IoT is sometimes called the IoE of Internet of Everything.

But connecting these things and making sure they work together is something the consumer does not see or even care about. How do these devices talk to each other? Different devices employ different technologies and protocols and connecting devices which talk different languages (protocols) is a challenge and requires some kind of translator or gateway. Some of this challenge is alleviated by the existence and use of the Internet Protocol (IP)

So how does a manufacturer know if his product will work as intended in the IoT or IoE? The answer is simple: Interoperability Testing!

There are many certification programs which exist to demonstrate interoperability between devices in the same technology, but what is more difficult is when a number of different technologies, protocols and dynamic systems interwork – how can it be demonstrated that it works?
Well that’s where the UL Interop team comes in and designs bespoke “interop” programs to put devices through their paces and basically try to “break it” so manufacturers can feed back findings and make top performing products.

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